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October 02, 2010


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Unfortunately, the photo of the ravioli doesn't come off well on Facebook. Maybe use the other photo as the thumbnail. ;-)


Oh, I am just so happy about your weekly round-up! Wish I could go to ANY of the above festivals...the Salone del Gusto would be excellent...not to mention chocolate in Carpi - so many fantastic choices. Thanks for including me as well, just dreaming of going back to Perugia - maybe next year :) cheers! Tuula

Food Lover Kathy

Tuula -- Thank you so much. I like putting these posts together. Yes, on my Italy "bucket list" is spending the Fall and Winter traveling around to the different food festivals. And, for those of us that won't make it to Eurochocolate this year, you gave us a great glimpse into it.


Grazie so much for including me in this fab roundup!!

Off to meeting new and wonderful fellow bloggers on your comprehensive list.

E xx

Joanne at Frutto della Passione

Thanks again for the blog love. I love seeing round ups like this because it gives me a chance to visit bloggers that I might miss!


Joanne: You're very welcome. I love your recipes, so I'm sure I'll be adding you to future roundups. That was exactly my thinking when I created this: a collection of blog posts and online information about the food and wine in Italy each week.

Noelle Dineen

Your recipes are so amazing! I love eating Italian foods and this one's makes me wanna feel hungry again. I also love to eat clean and healthy dishes so that I can live longer and be able to taste different countries' delicacies.

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