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April 11, 2009


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I think you can guess

Do you know of anywhere in Paris where I can take tennis lessons?

Susan Mills


I absolutely love this idea -- very clever. I look forward to hearing and seeing more. When I was in Paris (1985 to be exact) My friend, Julie and I visited a narrow bistro where one of her friends was playing in a small band -- his apartment sounded about the size of yours without the bathroom. I would love for you to take the challenge of visiting one of the local dark, narrow, and smokey bistros and report back to us. Also, maybe have tea or whatever they have there in one of thos swanky hotels and send photos. So jealous you're doing this -- how fun! Enjoy and be safe.



Hey Kath,

Take some pictures of your flat!


Food Lover

Drew: Pics of my flat are coming soon in a future post!

I think you can guess: I've emailed you a list of places where you can take tennis lessons.

Susan: I will certainly visit a dark bar (yay! they can no longer smoke inside, so they're not smoky anymore). I thought about going to the Ritz for their Tea Time at their Bar Vendome (, but a slice of cheese cake is 21 euros and an eclair is 19 euros. So, if you will forgive me, I decided against it. (I can make at least 20 eclairs for the price.) But, I have been and will go again to my favorite salon d'the, La Duree, and two others and will soon have a post about it.

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