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April 19, 2009


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Hannah Doughri

Kathy! I'm loving your blog! the Market sounds like so much fun. Those end of day deals are great - gotta love street markets.
I really liked the baguette posting as well and wonder if you might do a post featuring crepes? I tried making crepes for the first time today and it was tricky. I found my self wondering, How do the French do it?
I can't wait to read more! All the best,

Hannah Doughri (from Diane's class)

Food Lover Kathy

Hi Hannah! Thanks for the comment.

No problem---crepe post coming up soon. I'll use the leftover strawberries for them. You actually read my mind.

Shelly Peppel

Kathy, bravo et bon appetit! I'm so jealous of your travels. There is nowhere like Paris to enjoy food and life so completely. Keep up these wonderful blogs and at least I'll get to live vicariously. And in regards to Hannah's post, I had a friend in Provence who swore by her recipe for crepes, which used half corn flour and half wheat flour. And they were the tastiest crepes ever. Sadly, I've lost her recipe but since you're a master baker, you might have better luck than I!
Shelly Peppel

Susan Mills


I look forward to your daily blogs -- wonderful photography by the way. Makes me really want to be there. Loved the baguette posting -- I'm one of those who can live on baguettes. Sounds like you are truly enjoying your tasting experiences -- so jealous of your adventures. Write more!

Food Lover Kathy


Thanks! I'm glad to hear you look forward to the posts. I will certainly be writing more; keep checking back.

Jozee Pizzurro

What a wonderful day you had at the Bastille Market. It is a much better way to shop for goodies than to go the local indoor supermarket. Jealous is what I am. I want to buy everything that you have pictured. Scrumptious! Jozee

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