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June 15, 2009


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Paula Aiello

I want to buy a ticket and go there RIGHT NOW! This place is going on my MUST SEE list ... the food looks tremendous. I make spaghetti alla vongole often, but don't usually include the shells. Besides, making it here is NOT the same as eating it in Venice (even when I wear my striped shirt ...). Good find, Kath!


Wow - lucky you! I want to spend a couple of weeks in Venice and eat every dish that this restaurant/taverna has to offer. Like Paula said, "Good find, Kath!"

Food Lover Kathy

Paula---I'm picturing you in your striped shirt (I can also lend you my gondolier hat sometime) making spaghetti alle vongole and am literally laughing out loud.

Jozee and Paula---A recipe is coming soon!

Paula Aiello

ROTFLOL ... go ahead and laugh. I can be pretty sexy when I'm up to my elbows in olive oil :-)


If Jozee is going so am I.Very interesting(sp)
Looks very good, I think I will try to do same at home, whatta ya think?

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