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June 09, 2009


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Jozee Pizzurro

The great photo's of Venice brought back many memories of my short stay there. I loved every part of it. I didn't realize that the gondolier ride was so expensive. Hey Kathy - you are not the only one who prefers lighthouses. They are one of my favorite things of all time. Jozee

Paula Aiello

I'm going backward with the reading because I got swamped in the last few weeks and didn't get to comment. So, in my "later" comment, I said the Kathy would want someone more artistic than a gondolier, but I see the attraction ... I suspect, however, that they spend those heavy tips on vino or grappa before they ever make it back home....

Nan McElroy

Hi Kathy, It was so nice to meet you in Venice - I hope you enjoyed the wines and the Cantina fare. What lovely photos!

PLEASE NOTE though, the teacher is wrong about the gondola cost. It's €80 for forty minutes, and there's a surcharge after 7p. NEVER pay more. :)

Enjoy Rome, and do hurry back to Venice.

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