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July 14, 2009


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My Carolina Kitchen

Great pizzas. I like mine simple such as the Margherita, but the prosciutto sounds fabulous on it.
I agree it's smart to avoid the tourist traps.

Paula Aiello

Sounds like a place to put on my "must-do" list. When I was last in Venice, I was only there for a day (can you imagine?), so I didn't get to explore much. Cameron & I have read a couple of great books this year which were set in Venice, so I'm collecting quite a list of places to dream about. In the meantime, I'll have eat Papa Murphy's on my patio.

Jozee Pizzurro

The prosciutto, mushrooms and artichoke pizza sounds delicious. One of my favorites in Italy is the Margherita. Sicilians make one of the best.
I haven't bought a frozen US pizza in years, but if they are better than the tourist traps in Venice, I might buy one.

Food Lover Kathy

Jozee and Paula----No, don't do it---no frozen pizzas, even if you aren't in Italy. There is a great pizza place in your area (they have opened more than the original one in Pleasant Hill)...www.melospizzapasta.com. Go there instead. The owners are Calabrese and know how to make a good pizza---ask for a thin crust to get the most authentic type of pizza!

Jozee Pizzurro

I promise never to ever buy a frozen grocery store pizza, My favorite place in this area happens to be the one that you mentioned - Melo's in Pleasant Hill, Ca. We go there often and always order the pizza.

Paula Aiello

No,no frozen pizzas. Melo's is good. Papa Murphy's is a bake-at-home ... not great but tolerable when we're in a hurry. I prefer the sweeter crusts, though.

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