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July 16, 2009


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Paula Aiello

Your instinct would have made you take that ride if he'd been your anima gemella - or even a close substitute. You give away the "answer" when you say "he was ok looking; maybe if he looked more like the gondolier above, I might have wavered in my resolve." If he'd been sufficiently "attractive" to you, you'd have been on that boat in a flash, free ride or not. The men in your class just don't like the idea of your saying no to all his temptations :-) ... and now you know lots of words you can use to tell them what you think!! (see prior posts)

I rode in a gondola with my cousin (the gondoliers I remember looked more like the one in the "bluish" picture anyway). It was fun, but I'll enjoy it much more next time!

Jozee Pizzurro

Wonderful story about Venice and the good-looking and not so good-looking gondolier. I have a motto about anything in life. "If you are not sure, always say No". Loved all of the photo's, especially that of the handsome gondolier. You are making some wonderful memories in your Food Lovers Odyssey adventurous voyage.


Believe it or not--I agree with Jozee. Your decision to make. Enjoy life,as Unkie would say, "you only go around once"

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