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August 03, 2009


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Jozee Pizzurro

Nice experience you had with mask making. It must have been fun to learn. I imagine it might have been difficult for you to choose which mask to buy from Mario's shop. There were so many nice ones.


Beautiful. You must be pretty proud of your accomplishment. You did a great job.

Paula Aiello

Cool. Rich and I did a lot of research (Rich even made a mask) on this about 15 years ago when our Italian-American Bar Assn. sponsored a big-deal Carnevale in SF, complete with costumes, etc. As a lead-up to the event, we had speakers come to our meetings, including a fellow who makes LEATHER carnevale masks.
Which one did you BUY? I LOVE the music one; I may try to copy it ... (shhh)

Food Lover Kathy

Paula---I bought the last one pictured---Il Capitano. I try to buy a style of mask that I don't already have. Yes, I could have written 5 pages worth of information on the masks. Instead I added a few links for those who have a further interest in the history and types of Venetian masks out there (they're highlighted and underlined in the text). I'm also hoping to go back to Venice for the 10 days of festivities next year, with full sets of costumes, etc.

Paula Aiello

When is carnevale? Probably sometime in March? Wonder if I could save some money .... hmmmmm?

Food Lover Kathy

Paula--The festivities last the 10 days prior to Ash Wednesday, and end on "Martedi Grasso" (Fat Tuesday). Each year those dates are different. In 2010, Carnevale in Venice will begin on Saturday, February 6 and end Tuesday, February 16.

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