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August 16, 2009


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Jozee Pizzurro

Well, Kathy, today being a lazy Sunday, my meals were so ordinary. Toast for breakfast, cheese and crackers for lunch, dinner was made up of leftovers. And then, I opened up your "Cicheti and Ombra blog and moaned. Everything you presented is what I really should have eaten today. If only you could bring Venice to me! Now, I am really famished. Guess, I will just go and make myself a banana split to make up for missing out on the foods of Venice. (Like I need and excuse.)


Really delicious pictures. I also like your style of writing

Jill Silverman Hough

Hey baby - I finally subscribed. Looking forward to virtually being on the road with you. XOXOX

Paula Aiello

I adore tapas and did not know about this Italian version. I'm definitely going to check these out some more (you're getting me some recipes, right? If not, we can work on copying the ideas when you get back!!!!)

Food Lover Kathy

Jill and Petra---HI! Thanks for reading/subscribing!

Paula and Josie---I definitely know how to make every food item I've posted (and have some recipes that need "tweeking".) I ask everywhere I go, "come e' fatto?" (how is it made) and have copious notes on how each dish/dessert is made and what how it should taste. Yes, I will be cooking up a storm once I'm back in the bay area and will need taste testers. I will also be offering classes to those interested.

Paula Aiello

I just posted your blog link on my Facebook so you will probably get more hits now. I don't know if I'd posted it before or not, but it was time to do it again. I'm looking forward to the cicheti & ombra most of all!

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