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September 13, 2009


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Jill Silverman Hough

It's mid-morning on a Sunday, and I'm sitting at the computer to do a little catching up, with a cup of coffee, while Doug settles into the first all-football day of the season. It's the kind of a morning that would be PERFECT with a mid-morning pastry! I feel like I keep saying this but - you're making me jealous!!!!!

Paula Aiello

We went to Monterey yesterday and discovered it was the weekend for the Santa Rosalia Festa. So we stopped by for an hour (45 minutes of 1950's Italian-American music is as much as I can handle) and I paid through the nose for some calamari that were overcooked (what a waste!!!) and a cannolo that had a nice pastry shell but HORRIBLE filling. Clearly NOT Sicilian ricotta. I will be watching this blog in case anyone DOES find some good ricotta di pecora.

Jozee Pizzurro

Nice cannoli blog. I checked the Internet for sheep's milk ricotta in the San Franciso-Bay Area. One store, Rainbow Grocery on Folsom St. in San Franciso said that they carry it. I also called the Monterey Market in Berkeley and they didn't understand the phrase "sheep's milk ricotta" but said that they have "lots and lots of ricotta".

I haven't had a good cannoli in years. A friend took me to couple of places and though they were filled on the spot, they were soggy and not very good. About 12-14 years ago, I had a cannoli from the Victoria Bakery in San Francisco that was supposed to be "the best". I ate it while walking out the door. The crust was good but the filling was mediocre, at best. Perhaps they have improved on it since.

Wish I could have just one Sicilian cannoli right now. I think that I could eat 3 of them in one sitting. Maybe 4?

Food Lover Kathy

Josie--Thanks for the information. When I get back to the bay area, I'll be checking out both of those places, and maybe I can send 3, or even 4, cannoli your way.

Paula Aiello

Yeah - thanks, Josie. I also asked my daughter, Emily, who works in the cheese dept. of Whole Foods, about ordering some. She said the buyer might be able to get it but probably only if we wanted a whole "wheel." So it's good to know about Monterey Market.

Also, Kathy - Rich asked me last night whether you'd come across any nugatoli!! He said he had them when he was in Sicily and they were melt-in-your-mouth wonderful. So I take back my statement ... keep looking for them!!

My Carolina Kitchen

Absolutely beautiful. I've never attempted to make these but yours look fabulous.

Food Lover Kathy

Sam--They're not made by me. I'm glad you liked the picture, because I kept eating them before taking a picture and had to buy these especially for the picture...but soon I'll be making some and will have a recipe for you. They are actually very simple--the key is having the most delicious ricotta.

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