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October 21, 2009


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Paula Aiello

First, about the waiting in line stuff ... Being an extreme extrovert and having very little patience for lines, I fit perfectly in this cultural meme. Even here in the states, I seldom just "wait" - I always speak up and ask what the deal is (i.e., "Chi e l'ultima?"). If no one answers, I just push up to the front. (Reminds me of the French kids you described a long time ago). There is absolutely NO DOUBT I am Sicilian.
As for the caponata, I adore anything that contains melanzane, so of course I like caponata, but my fave is plain ol' parmesana. I have to laugh, though, that one has to expressly SAY "leave the skin on." I confess that when I was VERY small, I used to pick it off as I ate, but that didn't last long. Without skin, melanzane is just mush.
Ciao! Thanks for keeping this up even though you are "home" now. Love, Paula

Jill Silverman Hough

I have a recipe for caponata in my upcoming book (shameless plug: "100 Perfect Pairings," to be released in April) - to pair with Zinfandel. But since you're in Italy, I guess Primitivo will do!

Are they still harvesting eggplant in Sicily in October???


Jill and Paula---Thanks for reading, and for bringing up the subject of exactly where I am now. Yes, I have returned to the US (California), but have so much more Italian food to share and stories to tell. I hope all of you will stay tuned. As of late September, eggplants were still at the street markets in Sicily. Sicily is very far south, so their season is a little different than in CA. I pondered sharing the recipe now because eggplant is out of season in most of the US, but didn't want to wait. I've checked my list of upcoming blog posts and all future Italy ones are fall dishes....with a few holiday ones (did someone ask for cuccidati?)!
Jill thanks for the advice on wine. I will defer to your excellent pairing knowledge, and look for some primitivo to pair with the caponata I just made.

My Carolina Kitchen

What an absolutely gorgeous assortment of olives. Your caponata looks delicious. I had no idea the natives would walk past foreigners in line in Europe. Some of the illegal residents (not Americans) do it in the Bahamas, but I've never seen it the other way around. No matter, I would still love to be in line at that lovely market.

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