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December 03, 2009


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beautiful story and beautiful pictures. :) How wonderful that you have so many good memories with your mom.


You are my sister and mother same thing every year i will have to give her this recipe to add to her christmas cookies


I was extremely touched by your story... it's very difficult time especially during the holidays... my thought are with you this year. thank you for sharing the recipe.

Paula Aiello

This is Christmas all right. We made them too. They're among my favorites!

Jill Silverman Hough

I remember loving these cookies when you made them at COPIA!


These are some of my favorites. Your story was lovely. I have so many memories of baking during this time of year with my mother. We don't do much of it any longer because she has to stay skinny. Dammit!
But I'm grateful that she's alive and thin.
I'm going to make some of these on my own and eat them. I may share.
Thanks again.


Thanks for sharing your recipes and this lovely story. I bake with my daughters and I can only hope they remember our time together in the kitchen.


Are these the same as Mexican Wedding Cookies? Those are my favorite and the recipe sounds really similar.


Oh my goodness. These are my FAVORITE Christmas cookies, BAR NONE. I never called them "snowball" cookies, though. They were always almond Christmas cookies. Sooooooooooo good, and if you hold a couple back to roll and eat while they're still warm, the confectioner's sugar just barely melts and it's sticky and fabulous...yummm.

Thanks for the memories.



Love these in all varieties -- with or without nuts, with lime, who cares as long as they're a bite of crunchy dusted with powdered sugar. Yum!


Hi! I just got married a month ago and my favorite new thing to do is cook! My mom and I both adore snowball cookies and I've never made them! We will try this recipe soon!

I cannot wait to tell her about your story! I almost cried reading it. My mom is a smoker and I've been trying to make her quit since I was a little girl. She promises to quit before I have my first baby.

Happy Holidays.

Jozee Pizzurro

Snowball cookies are one of my favorites. I was touched by your story about your Mom. You had so much fun together baking all of those Christmas cookies. She taught you well. They look lovely.


Very nice, thank you! My favorites too! In Greece we call them "kourambiedes" :)
Happy Holidays!


Beautiful cookies....very very pretty!

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I made this recipe last Christmas, but I changed a little. I use strawberry to give them that Christmas red color and everybody love them.

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