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November 13, 2009


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Jozee Pizzurro

These could be 10 of my favorite foods of Sicily too! They all are mouth watering to look at. Now, if only I can have a taste of each.

Jill Silverman Hough

God - it's just really, really bittersweet reading your writing, Kathy. I so enjoy the armchair travel, but my heart just breaks with wanting to be there myself! It's some kind of sweet torture. Would you please invite me on your next trip?

As for Sicilians' temperament, I've never been to Sicily, but when I was in Italy, I totally remember thinking that Italians were the New Yorkers of Europe - just as quick to yell at you as to tell you they love you, just as straightforward/brash, just as opinionated - and I loved 'em for it. (I was a New Yorker at the time - maybe that had something to do with it!)

Jozee Pizzurro

Sicilians and their love of good food is depicted in these pictures. I am indeed jealous that you have eaten all of them Kathy.

I like Jill's comment about "thinking that Italians were the New Yorkers of Europe, etc.". Well, I am Sicilian, born and raised in New York and am in total agreement with her comments.


I only spent a short time in Sicily, but I most remember the canoli. Do you have a good recipe as they are my husband's favorite. I read your bio...I've been to Copia. Husband took a class there when he worked for Apple, Last year we visited the Italian festival..were sad to hear copia closed.
Look forward to knowing and hearing more in Cooking Italy.

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