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November 27, 2009


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Paula Aiello

I feel SO vindicated about the chocolate vs. candied fruit! My relatives always made it with the fruit and I'd have to ask them to made a special batch just for me with the chocolate!
I'm glad to see I was just leading a trend :-)

My mom has a bag full of the metal forms. I will have to dig them out and make them again (it's been YEARS since I've done it).

Audax Artifex

WOW I'm stunned how good your cannoli looks and they sound delicious and yes the candied peel isn't to modern tastes I think. Beautiful photos cheers from Audax in Australia.

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets

These so simple and cute. I'm loving all the cannoli posts for DB. Great job and happy holidays!


Congratulations on you first challenge! They look great!


Great job! They look great!
I love your story too!



I never have made them and didn't realize they had wine in the dough. Interesting...

I'll try them!


Beautiful cannolis ~ really nicely done! I like your use of chocolate chips in the filling. :)


They look fabulous and congratulations on completing your first challenge!


I love how you filled your cannoli shells with the cream pefectly straight with the ends..they look so modern and artsy, not to mention delicious!I'm SO glad you liked them, but I can see why, since you executed them so perfectly. love your photos too :) Thank you so much for taking part in my deep fry!


Yum! I really love Cannoli. HAHA!!


Great looking cannoli :)


These are so pretty! Great job on the cannoli!


Your cannoli are beautiful. Wonderful job!

Jill Silverman Hough

Congratulations on being featured in the Food News Journal - again!


Congratulations on your first DB challenge. Your cannolis look delicious!

I like the cannoli forms you found ...didn't see anything like that when I was shoppin' around.

jozee pizzurro

Perfect looking cannoli. Chocolate instead of candied fruit is a nice touch.


Welcome to the Daring Bakers! Your cannoli are really beautiful. I also prefer chocolate in the filling instead of dried fruit.


wow this looks yummy! may i ask, what would be the best substitute for ricotta cheese as it is not always available in our country and it's quite pricey as well? how bout the cannoli molds? what can i use if there's no store selling here? can the cannoli shells be baked instead of fry so that it won't be oily? hope you'll find time to reply. will really appreciate it. thanks so much! =)


Jen: You can use Mascarpone cheese would be the best substitute if you're not using ricotta. Instead of the cannoli molds, you can saw the end of a broom into sections(or have your home improvement store do it for you. This is what my grandmother used to make her cannoli. If the oil is at the right temperature, the cannoli shouldn't be oily.

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