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December 11, 2009


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Jozee Pizzurro

Can I come to your house and have some of those Meyer Lemon tarts? They look so refreshing, a perfect dessert for the end of a meal.

Paula Aiello

Isn't your house her house, Jozee?
They DO look good......


I thought it was a mold! Gorgeous and delicious sounding dessert, Thanks, i love meyer lemon!


Oh my, oh my, oh my! I will try this but it will never look as good as yours!

Carol Egbert

Would you like to trade a sugar maple tree for a lemon tree? I wonder if I could convince a lemon tree that 5 degrees F isn't cold????

Ah life in vermont.

The tar you made is beautiful. I love the simplicity of the piping.


So beautiful and so neat! Looks so incredibly delicious!


Delightful :-)


wow this is amazing, your are very talented just went to Paris last month, miss it


Beautiful and Delicious too! Great photography!


Gerard Mulot's tarte au citron is by far my favorite!! Gorgeous pictures! And you have a Meyer lemon tree! Le sigh.... :)


mmm. Lemon desserts are some of my favorites! And this one is positively lovely!


Lovely. I miss being in Florida where we had tons of Meyer lemons. :)

Jill Silverman Hough

Congratulations on having your recipe featured on the Food News Journal! Again!


This is just gorgeous delicious dessert! I love the idea of individual tarts...and am ever so envious of your Meyer lemon tree. 150 did you say? WOW! Your blog is beautiful! Happy Holidays...

Tiffiny Felix

Yes! Yes! Yes!! Oh...just divine...I must bookmark your site :)

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