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December 31, 2009


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Paula Aiello

OOO - pomegranate juice in lieu of Campari just might make the difference! Buon anno!!!


Thanks for the laugh. I think you are now ready to visit Lebanon.
Weird how when I visited Italy I thought this is way more organized than Lebanon! I spent 10 days there only :( and I left with the feeling of leaving home. I think Italy has its way to seduce you with the people who say they speak English yet they say one English word and continue in Italian, the fact that all closes for lunch time etc... Endearing is the term I think, or maybe La Dolce Vita.


Great recipe. I wish you have an excellent year...


Love these photos! Thanks for the tips! Happy 2010!

Daydreamer Desserts

Hmmm... I think I'm going to have to try this twist out, refreshing and good for you! :) Happy New Year!


Thanks for a laugh! Now I want to visit Italy even more! Your drink recipe sounds divine with the pomegranate juice.

My Carolina Kitchen

Beautiful spritz. I love hearing about Italy. Wishing you a healthy and happy new year.

Marika Josephson

Buon consiglio! This twist on spritz looks great, I'm going to give it a try. You're making me nostalgic for Italy in spite of (because of?) all its quirks...

Miriam/The Winter Guest

Haha, I loved this post... Spaniards share a lot of those "flaws"... but also some of the Italian virtues, maybe Mediterranean. I wish you the best 2010!

Paula Aiello

Additional point re Kathy's statement: Italians "lead with their hearts and not their heads." This is true for Italian-Americans, too, as I proudly demonstrate on a daily basis. Sometimes the heart is confused with the "gut", but the point is not to try to "reason" with an Italian using logic (the Greeks did that and they lost out to the Romans). So when in Italy - or when dealing with someone like me - talk and listen with with your heart. You'll get much further!

Jozee Pizzurro

Love the 6 comments on how to get along in Italy. In Agrigento, a few years ago, I tried to cross a very busy street. Tourists everywhere who were also hesitant to cross. Along came a horde of Italian construction workers so we decided to follow their lead. We all laughed when we made it safely to the other side.
Spritz looks great. Must try it someday.


I fell in love with the Spritz this fall during my first time in Venice. We enjoyed it throughout our time in Italy and craved it when we came home. Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to bring a bottle home and its no where to be found in Canada. Thanks for bringing back such fond memories of a magical place and offering a nice alternative to that perfect Apero. You photos of Italy make me weep.

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