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January 29, 2010


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That is just gorgeous! And no, no gelateria ... in my neighborhood, it's just liquor stores every few feet. : (

Shannon Purtell-Lattimore

There is no good gelato in the U.S. once you have had it in Italy! I had gelato for lunch every day when I was there....Your receipe sounds amazing! Can't wait to try it.


This makes me miss Spain! But, by chance we just happened to have purchased an ice cream maker last week...so perhaps this little trip down memory lane will have to be its maiden voyage. :)


Wow I had forced myself to forget Gelato! When I was in Rome for a couple of days I could have lived on the stuff. It was amazing, it was worth going there just for the gelato! Teamed up with everything else Rome has to offer I am surprised I ever left!


sounds wonderful!


Now I'm craving one of each flavour!

Sydney has a handful of good gelaterias but the taste doesn't compare to that from Italy. I sampled some in Palermo, Mazara del vallo, Como and Bellagio, and I can't choose! I tend to lean towards the red berry variety or anything with hazelnut in it.


looks fabulous:)I havent come across good gelato's in the US.

my spatula

OMG. gelato is one of my all-time favorite things in the world. i'm swooning over your ENTIRE post. hazelnut is at the top of my list, though looking at your gorgeous caramel gelato...i'm beginning to change my mind!!


I made the caramel sauce tonight and your instructions were perfect! Thank you so much!

Elie's Papel

OMG!!! love gelato... your recipe makes want to run and get an ice cream maker... yum!

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