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January 06, 2010


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wow it looks great!


Perfect recipe. Thanks...

Stephanie Parker

Very nice - beautiful cake

Tiffiny Felix

Gracious! What a gorgeous creation!! And the creams inside.... Just beautiful... :)

Paula Aiello

It turned out great! I just thought of another money-maker: have an ongoing "bake sale" of your creations after you photograph and post the pix! (assuming you don't use food-photographers' techniques like spraying on varnish or slathering it with vaseline). Love it.

The Duo Dishes

You did an amazing job with the puff pastry. It may not be difficult, but it is time consuming. No doubt, it's worth the effort!

Noelle (An Opera Singer in the Kitchen)

How elegant and beautiful! Great job.


Wow! You did a fabulous job!! The galette turned out perfectly!

La Epifania is also celebrated in Central and South America and unofficially in some parts of the U.S. I made a Rosca de Reyes just for that day. It is nice to see all the different traditions being celebrated through food.


wow. great job!!!!
it looks so beautiful, and i bet it must taste divine!


i have no words just perfect


That looks beautiful and delicious...mmmm. Thanks for sharing step by step way to make it.


I went gaga over your site. It felt like home with all of my favorites. Very professional, well written and photographed. I just enjoyed it so much and thank you for sharing your foodie-ism! Shall return back for a bite of more.
Cheers, PT

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Beautiful job and the photo is gorgeous... great to have the pastry lesson!

Jozee Pizzurro

I love the stories behind your creations. They are so interesting and this pastry looks wonderful.


I made this for Jan 6th 2009 on a whip. I will have to try your way. I used an almond paste that I made in the center of mine. I also forgot the prize...but the people who ate it didn't miss it!

The Paris Food Blague

how beautiful this is...i made a galette this year (the first time!) but was obliged to go with store-bought puff pastry. i'll have to try your recipe next january.

-The Paris Food Blague

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