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January 25, 2010


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Amber @ Native Food and Wine

Great post!!! I am going to Rome in Feb and will definitely use this information. Thanks so much!

  R. Luoni

Very interesting. Now I'm starving. Thanks for the trip. Looking forward to the next post.



This is a great post! I'll have to keep those restaurants in mind the next time I go to Italy.

In addition to what you wrote, Pasta alla Carbonara is traditionally made with bucatini (which actually means little holeS (plural)) instead of spaghetti. Lastly, all these pasta shapes are in the plural form because in Italian, "s" is not a plural marker as it is in English and some other languages; instead the "i" or the "e" indicates plurality.

My favorite dish was the Carbonara, but I first tried it in Venezia. YUM! I'll never forget it.


Lucky, lucky you!


Congratulations Kathy, that is a pretty respectable list of the specialties of Rome - my town. Excitedly waiting for the next installment!
PS: But can it be that the first picture shows a Sicilian dish, namely pasta alla pesce spada e melanzane (one of my favorites, by the way!)

Paula Aiello

I, too, will keep the list in my travel folder.
The photo of "THE FORKFUL" is wonderful - great job.

food lover kathy

Memoria: Thanks for the note on plurality in Italian----it's impossible for me to write "pastas" knowing this....I do sometimes slip and say "raviolis" though.

Hande: Thanks for your comment and sorry but the next picture is of cows' heads for quinto quarto in Testaccio. I enjoyed a few pasta alla pesce spada e melanzane (swordfish &eggplant) while in Sicily, also. I would have to say my favorite is probably amatriciana, but gnocchi (done well) is a close second.


I just saw this on Facebook today and it looked familiar ... well, some entries are worth repeating! This one definitely is a keeper.

And as to your question about favorite foods, I've said before that gnocchi can't be beat, and I'm sticking to my statement.

btw - my second favorite pic is the ivy-arched window. Might make it into a poster ....

The Duo Dishes

Bookmarked! One of us has a trip to Rome for this coming December, so this is perfecto!

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