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April 30, 2010


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Carol Egbert

I just returned from two months in Sicily and found my favorite word on you list - it's Stracciatella. Not only is it delicious and fun to say but it ends with my granddaughter's name. Ella. She was delighted when we were together in Italy in September to find her name 'Everywhere!'

Paula Aiello

I want one of those tee shirts.

Paula Aiello

As for favorite food words, my first thought is that most everything sounds so much more fun in Italian. Think of it: wouldn't you rather eat finocchio, lenticchie, melanzane, calamari, salsiccia, or albicocche than fennel, lentils, eggplant, squid, sausage or apricot? All of those are beautiful words! I remember my nonna saying them & thinking we were eating something quite exotic.
I love the "sf" words like "sfingi" and "sfogliatelle".
I'm not sure if I like the word "prosciutto" for itself or because of the taste ... they're inseparable.
Of course, I agree with Carol - whoever came up with stracciatella deserves an award.
In the non-food word category, my favorite will probably always be chiacchierare. What a delightful word!

food lover kathy

Paula: I wanted one of those shirts too, but they only come in children's sizes (little children).....I don't know why. I think you can be "furbetta, birichina e irresitible" as an adult. Sfingi is one of my fav food words, too, but I think it's Sicilian dialect, so I didn't list it.

Carol: What can I say...2 months in Sicily -- che bellisima!


Birichina sounds like a cute name you'd give a little girl!

My favourite word? Allora. Holds so much promise.

And you already know the naughty words I like ;)


Great post! I'm learning Italian and I love hearing a new word that makes me smile. My favourite (non food) Italian words so far - pantofole and squillo.

Jozee Pizzurro

I had forgotten the word "Allora" that Gourmantic mentioned. It seems that is one of the words my Mom used to say often.
Well, anyway, here are 5 of my favorite words: Mangiare, Biscotti, Cannoli, Cuccidati and Stronza/Stronzo.

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