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April 08, 2010


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I love biscotti and this looks perfect for breakfast...I would love some right now for my coffee.


Biscotti and good coffee makes a wonderful combination for breakfast. Great post.


Well done and great pictures! I've always wanted to try a biscotti recipe. I think I'll be trying yours. Never had vin santo, let alone a biscotti dipped in it. I'm excited to try this. Thanks!



Great pictures, thank you for sharing this recipe. I love biscotti so I will save this recipe.

Have a great and blessed day.

Paula Aiello

As always, photos are great. However, if they are tooth-breaking crunchy, they are COMPLETELY different from the biscotti my Lombardessa nonna made. Hers were just soft enough to melt in your mouth but hard enough to withstand a dip into coffee or whatever :-) I have never managed to recreate them, nor has anyone I know (yet). I will try again. I'm sure yours are wonderful, but you know how it is ... there's nothing like nonna's.


These biscotti are quite different from my Mom's. They look absolutely delicious and could go very well with coffee or any liqueur. Yummy!


I recently chipped a tooth on biscotti but dunking them in vin santo is one of my favourite ways to end a meal. it didn't occur to me to have them with a good espresso!

food lover kathy

Just when I was going to tell Paula that my statement that these are "tooth-breaking crunchy" is an exaggeration, Gourmantic, you let us know it can actually happen. I hope all went ok with the tooth. My mom (she was Sicilian) made biscotti that were a lot less crunchy and with anise, but I actually prefer these.


This is one of the Top 10 foods you can't miss in Tuscany, unfortunately I didn't have such a great recipe and link to include in my post...I honestly looked for it! why don't you add to my post? do you want to? grazie


I am enjoying every recipe you post. You have quite a knack for recipes and verse!

food lover kathy

Val - Thank you so much for the compliment and for reading. I really appreciate it.

Oriana - Wow, if only I had posted a few days earlier! I would love to have these cantucci included in your already awesome list of foods not to miss in Tuscany. Grazie mille!

Linn @ Swedish home cooking

Biscotti is such a great Italian treat. Not too sweet, just perfectly balanced. And best served with a cup of good coffee. Mmm.

Daydreamer Desserts

Kathy your Biscotti look delicious!


I love Cantucci too, so simple and so delicious. Your photos are very nice!
(thanks for your comment, as I can see we have lots in common ;-)

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