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April 02, 2010


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Paula Aiello

Keep trying, Kathy ... the magic will work on the one it's supposed to work on :-)
As for the beautiful dessert, I'm gonna make it for everyone and see what happens ... maybe it'll be like Love Potion Numero Nove!
Miss you ... we need to meet up again soon.
Buona Pasqua a tutti.

food lover kathy

Thanks Paula. Hopefully the story is more funny than sad to you and everyone else (that was my intent). Let me know how everyone likes the budino. Buona Pasqua at te e a tutti!


I wish I could use this with my exgirlfriend haha, but she doesn't really like chocolate. DARN! LOL! It looks good. Is there a substitute for the alcohol?

Jozee Pizzurro

Nice story Kathy. You would think that J. would be enthralled with you after eating the budino. Oh well, Mr Right is right around the corner somewhere.

food lover kathy

Memoria - you can substitute 1/4 cup espresso for the kahlua to get a similar chocolate-coffee flavor. You can also just leave the alcohol out and have only the chocolate flavor.


Maybe a spell wasn't cast on the right guy but you certainly cast one on us in your story :)

Chocolate Printing

Amazing story..Loves reading this and share this story to my friends...

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