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April 11, 2010


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StreamingGourmet (Amy Wilson)

Congratulations on one year! Beautiful cake and beautiful photos.


Congratulations! And this fraisier is just amazing :-)

Paula Aiello

My birthday being in December, I'd never get strawberries. But I'll have to have an Un-birthday so I can make this. YUM!!!!


Paris is my favorite food city, but I have not gone since turning vegan.


Happy Blogaversary and congratulations on the milestone! :) Santé!

The fraisier wouldn't last 2 days in my fridge. it looks too good!

Tiffiny Felix

What a gorgeous cake! And happy birthday :) My blog-birthday is coming up next month and I've been wondering what I should do. This is so pretty, and strawberries are in season! I may have to copy you ;)

food lover kathy

Thanks everyone for all the blog bday wishes!

Paula: I'm pretty sure your saint's name day (San Paolo) is in the summer (my Sicilian cousin Paula is always celebrating when I've been there in the summer). If so you could have this on your saint's name day.

Noelle: Paris is my favorite pastry city, but I would choose somewhere in Italy for savory. Yes, I think Paris, France in general, is a very hard place for a vegan---there is always L'as du Fallafel though!

Gourmantic: Thanks! I actually had to make two of these because my first one was gobbled up before I could take pictures.

Tiffany: Go ahead and copy away. It is a delicous dessert.


Wonderful lesson, beautiful cake!!! Happy blogoversary!!!


The presentation on this is absolutely beautiful I love your photos!

Vegetable Matter

Gorgeous! Wishing you many more beautiful posts in the year to come.


Happy Anniversary Kathy. I can attest to this creation because I have had several pieces of it. It is as delicious as it looks.

5 Star Foodie

Happy blog birthday and your cake is absolutely gorgeous!


Beautiful display and fabulous cake. Wishing you a happy blog birthday!

Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

What a stunning preparation and wonderful photography! You have a beautiful blog for the eyes and the belly!

Happy 1st year blog birthday!

Ciao, Devaki @weavethousandflavors

Linn @ Swedish home cooking

Well, happy birthday then! Looks like you and your blog had a first great year together. congrats! If you want some french-swedish food – watch the latest episode of my online cooking show where I'm making Swedish Crêpes!


Happy birthday! What a beautiful cake to celebrate with! Congrats on Top 9 today.


What a wonderful cake! I remember when I was in France, I loved to buy one sometime.

clea walford

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me, too, and I love the Fraisier - will try it soon.


Gorgeous cake! I enjoyed reading about it and seeing it. Congratulations of your blog's birthday.

Healthy Foods Blog

Wow! I can't find a perfect word to describe this lovely cake! I'm totally impressed.


Saw your profile on another page. Glad I read your fantastic blog. Look forward to following you here. Cheers!


Congratulations on your Blog Anniversary. The cake looks super delicious!


Congratulations! Beautiful cake.


Wow that looks absolutely divine. I bet it tasted so good!

Happy belated Congratulations to your 1yr anniversary.


Fantastic Fraisier! Thank you for sharing! I've been having difficulty with the strawberries falling out after I unmold the cake, any suggestions?

food lover kathy

Lisa: Here are some possible causes and my suggestions to fix. Please let me know how it turns out and which tip worked for you:

1. The creme mousseline isn't chilled enough when you unmold it. After assembling the entire Fraisier, chill it at least 45 minutes before unmolding.

2. There are air pockets in between the strawberries. You want to make sure and place the strawberries together tightly and fill the small spaces between them with the creme mousseline. After you've piped the creme mousseline in between the strawberries, use a spatula to push the mousseline into each nook. (see photos)

3. The strawberries in the center are pushing the strawberries out. There should be a generous amount of strawberries in the middle, but not so much as to push the strawberries outward.

4. You can also put a clear strip of mylar plastic around the edge of the mold before you begin assembly. This keeps everything together when you unmold it, and then you undo the plastic right before serving. You can get these at cooking equipment stores, especially those specializing in French pastries.

Thank you very much for the feedback on my recipe. I really appreciate it.


I just made this for my partner's birthday on the fourth of July. It was incredible-- definitely wowed all of our friends! The flavor was just lovely and the cake was so beautiful, it pained me a bit when I finally cut into it! It certainly takes time and patience, but the effort is well worth it. Thank you for a truly wonderful recipe.


Naomi: Thank you so much for the comment. I'm always happy to hear when someone uses one of my recipes. Glad it "wowed" everyone and your time and effort paid off. (You will get faster with practice; I promise)

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