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May 09, 2010


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This was awesome Kathy....you brought tears to my eyes...Good memories which I remember all of them. Running away, up the tree and being squirt at is one of the best....I can honestly say your mom was the best and I cherish all the memories growing up.....Today is a day we honor what our Mom's did for us.....they were the best

Belinda @zomppa

What a sweet post! What lovely food memories...and that photo is precious!!!


Thanks for taking the time to figure out the actual measurements of a home recipe - it's VERY hard to do! Thanks for sharing, too.
My mom has always insisted she couldn't cook because her food wasn't "as good as" her mother's, but of course it was good in its own way. Her chili con carne was wonderful. But people still cry for her fried zucchini and deviled eggs. Can't get enough of them. They may be simple, but - hey, they're good!

Joyce Daurizio

Thank you Kathy for reminding me of you when you were growing up and for the beautiful picture of your Mom and one of my 3 best friends. Your story and the picture made me cry. I will cherish my friend Lori's recipe forever. Thank you again Kathy. Love, Joyce


Wonderful post, I love the ragu. It nice that you honored your mom that way, It came out perfect!

Blessing : D


Kathy, Wow, that was a great post! Your mom was a saint and I'm sure she'd be thrilled to to know that you wrote this. This brought back my own Italian family meals and cooking experiences. I too remember smelling and tasting the sauce (my Noni's recipe, my mom's American twist) all day long in my mom's kitchen. I can't tell you how many times I would sneak a spoonful of mushroom and sauce when no one was looking. Makes me want to put a pot on right now. Thanks!!!


Great post. It is always nice to continue the tradition with old family recipes.

Jozee Pizzurro

You brought back great memories of your Mom's wonderful sauce. She was a great cook and I enjoyed her wonderful meals many, many times.


So comfort food! Looks really tasty!

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