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August 31, 2010


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I'm gonna try this - hope it's nice and hearty.


As a Sicilian-Canadian, I empathize with your food-making struggles!

That said, though, I have to point out that pancetta is not smoked (you never state that it is but seem to imply that it is). I haven't had the pleasure of finding guanciale in Canada, although I have tried, and refuse to stop looking!

Nuts about food

Yes, guanciale is the answer! But I have to admit that even after living in Italy most of my life, I didn't know about the original recipe without onions. I have always seen it with and personally like it, so I'm glad you opted for that version. Delicious!

food lover kathy

Dotty - Thanks for pointing that out about the pancetta. I didn't mean to imply that pancetta is smoked. The reason I emphasized that guanciale should not be smoked is because I had found a few places that sell "guanciale" here in the SF Bay Area, but it was also smoked. Good luck in your search for guanciale in Canada!


Hi Kathy,
What luck! I found some!! If anyone is in the Toronto area, and is desiring guanciale, check out Totera foods in Maple... the man I spoke to said that they carry it in the winter time, around December, and they actually cure it themselves.


Food Lover Kathy

Dotty - Glad to hear you've found guanciale. Happy cooking and eating!

lara dunston

Love this! You might be interested in our September Grantourismo Travel/Food Blogging Competition, as this month our theme is a food-focused blog post... we've got loads of great prizes, including a stay in a holiday rental anywhere in the world, plus an Olympus camera, tours, AFAR magazine subscription.

For this month's contest entrants are required to create a blog post (on their site) on a quintessential dish of a place. More details here: http://grantourismotravels.com/2010/09/03/grantourismo-travel-blogging-competition-september/ but just email me or visit our site if you have questions. :)

Food Lover Kathy

Laura - Thank you. You'll see an entry from me this month. Hum, now to decide on the dish....


I am glad that you were able to find the ingredients for this lovely dish. Too bad that you had to travel several miles to get them. It is a very delicious meal.


I love cooking and eating in Italy more than anything.. Living in Seattle mostly I completely understand your frustrations with finding the right ingredients (even as simple as they may be).

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