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August 20, 2010


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Mari's Cakes

This pizza looks wonderful!! Wish I could taste from here. Will put the little cherries tomato when I do my next pizza.

I have to visit Italy someday, I know I fall in love with it.

Have a great weekend : )


I thought the same thing as Mari. I wanted to just jump into the computer screen and eat those pizzas (I guess I'm hungry & better go get something to eat, huh?)

Anyway, love the laundry photo. I just added it to my eye candy file.


Great article :) I so enjoyed your visit here - can't wait until you come back. Thank you for taking me to Da Michele LOL - it probably would have been another couple years before I made my way there :) I love your picture of the city - beautiful shot.

Jen Laceda

I definitely embrace my muffin top...or jelly belly! Those pizzas look amazing! We have one Verace Pizzerie in Toronto approved by the association in Naples, but there's just something about eating pizza in that city...


Great photo's and wonderful article. Paula said that she just wanted to jump into the computer and grab one of those pizzas. Me too!

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