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September 23, 2010


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Terence Carter

Looks delish! Gotta love the four hour cooking time. DId you see the one I did from Jerez in Spain?

lara dunston

YUM! Terry's right - looks so delicious! Thanks so much for your entry into our Grantourismo blogging competition! Best of luck!


The dish looks yummy.

Corinne @ Gourmantic

Looks delicious! Give me a glass of good vino and I'm happy. And I love the chef's main ingredient: patience!

Wonderful entry! Good luck with the competition, Kathy :)


Oh, my goodness, that looks delicous. I could bury my face in this dish and eat the whole lot.


Terrence is right - any meat that is simmered for four hours MUST be good, eh?

Grace @ Sandier Pastures

Love, love oxtail!! I'll making this in the weekend!!

Food Lover Kathy

Thanks Grace! Let me know how it turns out.


mmmm, mouthwatering - both the recipe and the photos!

Cristina, from Buenos Aires to Paris

Mamma Mia!! Seeing sunny Rome, and your food !!! When is the next plane to Rome? This is one of my favourite dishes!! Perfectly executed!! Brava!!

Sarah Warwick

AMAZING - looks so good I want to eat it. Congrats on your win!

Food Lover Kathy

Sarah - Thanks very much! It was exciting to hear the news, and I'm very honored.


Congratulations. I love Oxtail and this particular recipe looks delicious.


Jonathan - Thanks very much! Congratulations to you as well. I loved your Spaghetti alla Bottarga and the photos of Sardegna.

Josh P. Dand

I made this last weekend and it was fantastic. Also love your photos of the trastevere...


Josh - Thank you! I'm glad you liked the dish and the photos.

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