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October 09, 2010


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Mary R

I absolutely love stories like this!

While I don't have any direct experience with Naples, I've had plenty of other experiences in my life when a random stranger helped me in a dire situation overseas. I was once stranded in the middle of the night in Namibia and a kind African family gave me a ride, food, a place to sleep, and breakfast!

Corinne @ Gourmantic

I think this is my favourite post of yours so far. Beautifully told.

I haven't been to Napoli so no stories to share but I relate to acts of kindness during travels particularly when least expected.


These are wonderful stories, and really illustrate how much your experiences with local people shape your perception of a place. My sister-in-law is hoping to get to Naples someday, since her mother’s people were from there; if she does, I’m going to try and tag along! I have to say that I was kind of put off by stories of garbage and crime, but your descriptions of the people (and pizza!) of Naples tell another tale.


Corinne @Gourmantic: So happy that you liked it and thank you so much for the very kind comment!

Via: You nailed it - the two things that shape any travel experience for me are the people and the food. For those reasons alone, Naples is a must see.

Mary R: Help from a random stranger is indeed a wonderful part of travel. Glad to hear that you were fortunate to find the family in Africa to help you.

Tuula M

Oh, lovely story...The city (& it's people) does get such a bad rap. Like you said, it has its problems, but so do most major cities. Have to say I was treated far kinder in & around Naples then many places I've been with far better "conditions".
I have other friends who traveled to Naples as well, another food lover like you who went just to visit her favorite pizzeria (wow) and they all had very warm stories to tell. Glad we got to hear yours..thanks!


Great Story. Thank you for sharing.

I happen to live in Naples. We just moved here from California 6 months ago due to my husbands work. I heard the same stories you were told about Naples and wanted to run straight to the Carabineri when I saw an entire family weaving through the crazy traffic with no helmets and the baby just hanging on to dad's neck. I wanted to cry! And, so I totally agree, there are some crazy things that go on here!

However, I have come to truly appreciate the Neapolitans. From my cooking teacher to my Italian Teacher to our favorite Pizza makers, these people truly care about their town and want us to love it as well. It's a beautiful city with alot of character and so much to take in.

Once you get past a few layers, the Neapolitans are the warmest, most kind and loving people who truly care about their town and want what's best as well!

Thank you for sharing such a great post. I can totally relate!

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