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October 16, 2010


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Sorry, I don't have time to comment. I'm hungry and have to go start cooking ;-)


Fantastic post. Love the mushoorm sauces. We had a wonderful mushroom and sausage sauce at Pandemonio in Florence earlier this month. Absolutely delicious. We haven't been able to replicate it since our return home despite trying 3 or 4 different versions (tomato and cream based) off the internet.


Paula - I hope you had a great time making any/all of the dishes above.

Mike - When I've had a great dish while traveling, I always try to recreate when I come home. It's a passion (some might say obsession) of mine. The one problem is that the tomatoes in Italy are better than in the US, and you had the dish at the perfect time -- that brief moment when both the tomatoes and porcini were in season together. My cousins made Boscaiola sauce for me, in Sicily, so their recipe is a little different than the Tuscan classic, but theirs had cream added at the end. And, instead of white wine, they used Marsala wine (Marsala, and Madeira, make mushroom magic when cooking them). You might want to try some of those combinations and see how close you get to the dish you had in Florence. Buona Fortuna!


Kathy: Yes, we're enjoying playing with different combinations. Thanks for the details about the tomatoes. Hopefully we'll come close one of these days.


What dish is on the photo right bellow title? Thanks


Eva - That is cavatelli with eggplant, tomatoes and basil, a dish I had in Sicily.

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