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October 21, 2010


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Tuula M

Yum! Seriously, gnocchi has been on my list of things to make - your instructions look so helpful, have actually never made it on my own, so this will indeed be a first! My ragu is pretty decent, being that I've made it like 25 times (the first Italian dish I learned to make :) so I think that would make as good a pairing as you mom's meat ragu!
I don't remember the last time I had gnocchi in Rome, but I'm going next month (yay) so might just have to try a new place...thanks for another awesome post.


What sauce do you prefer with your gnocchi? The simpler the better because gnocchi are so heavy already. Never had them with clam sauce - must try it. Usually a smooth, plain ragu for me.

When in Rome, where do you go for Gnocchi? I will have to look back to your archived recommendations if and when I get to Rome! You KNOW how much I love them :-)


Gnocchi with a meat tomato sauce is my preference. The above dish looks perfect.


Love your blog.Can you tell me the best types of potatoes to look for in Rome?
ciao Ren

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