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October 29, 2010


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O Dio - I could eat the whole thing right now.


What decadence! I'm making it!

Tuula M

Ahh, Bailey’s AND Kahlua...to die for! I think I can get all of the ingredients here for the cheesecake except maybe the graham crackers but sure there's a great substitute!
Your trip to Italy sounds great..is that a gelato from Grom by any chance? I swear I have almost the same photo...but then again there's so much excellent gelato in Italy! Another fantastic post :)


Scintilla and Paula: Thank you, and yes it's both decadent and delcious

Tuula: I've been asked to make cheesecake by both French and Italians, when I've been there. I've used basic shortbread cookies, chocolate shortbread, and speculas (speculas were for a lemon cheesecake, though)as a substitute for graham crackers. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

That huge cone of gelato is actually from Venchi in Turin. Tasting three of their specialties at once. I've been to Grom in Milan, Venice, Turin and even Paris! I'm not usually a fan of chains, but their gelato is tops, especially the dark chocolate and pistacchio!

Tuula M

Thanks for the tip about the cookies, great idea for the shortbread & I love speculas, yum!
I haven't been to Turin yet, dreaming of attending the Salone del Gusto one of these years...now officially on my list of must-do foodie events :)

Totally agree about Grom - not usually a fan of chains either but had their gelato for the first time this summer & I'm hooked :)Thanks for the reply!


This looks sooooo good!
And I personally used speculoos for cheesecake in europe...

Anna Margherita Molino

Very inviting and good looking !
Ciao Anna

Corinne @ Gourmantic

That looks like a decadent dessert no one can resist!

Now when it comes to gelato, it's difficult to choose. I tend to go for fruity ones, pistachio and I love hazelnut!

I tried a black sesame ice cream on Monday and I'll be back for more!


I had a green tea gelato in Kauai, of all places, and haven't been able to find the same that's as good. Green tea cheesecake? Sounds good to me. My 12 yr old daughter loves tiramisu and cheesecake. If she sees this recipe...

the urban baker

oh my goodness...that looks kind of perfect! I love the medley of flavors. i can see my thighs growing as i read this. it was so worth it!


Corinne - black sesame? That sounds like a Sadaharu Aoki take on gelato :-) Being a devout chocoholic, I have to force myself to try flavors other than chocolate--reason for enormous scoops like the one above.

Nicole - I've had green tea ice cream in CA, which was delicious. I've never seen a gelato form though. Will look harder. Green tea cheesecake sounds divine!

Urban Baker - Here's to growing thighs! ;-)


I am so lucky! I had many servings of this cheesecake. When I ate the last piece, I thought, "Jeez, when is Kathy going to make it again". It has now become one of my favorites, absolutely wonderful.

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YUMMMY! Wow this looks so good. Want to enjoy a slice now with a nice up of tea :)

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