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October 13, 2010


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Lovely pics, yummy cake... I forgot to add flour once too (to a sponge cake) but it turned out to be gunk. Not memorable for the right reasons. Thanks for this recipe!

Jozee Pizzurro

I just had a slice of this cake. I had no idea that is was flour free. It is absolutely divine. Next time, I will have it with either whipped cream or ice cream.

Mary R

Such a gorgeous description of the legends surrounding the cake... your pictures make me feel like I could reach out and dip my finger onto the powdered sugar for just a little taste!


can't wait to try this. and lovely photos. yumm. i wonder if they make this in genova, where i will be for 5 weeks in a few days!! xo Erica


What an amazing, perfect cake! This is similar to a local cake Le Baulois of the area outside of Nantes where I live that I have been considering trying to work out the recipe for (the only true known recipe is a guarded secret). Yours is elegant and the perfect texture! Fabulous recipe.

Heavenly Housewife

What a decadent looking cake, I'd love to stick a greedy fork into this LOL.
*kisses8 HH


What a great-looking recipe!


This definitely sounds amazing! It's calling my name for sure!


Looks so delicious! I could eat the whole cake. I think:)))

Greets from BFC !!!!

Jen Laceda

looks yummy!!! we've had this cake in Capri also and it was delish!


We have not long returned from Naples..I had one of these cakes in a Gelateria with fesh cream...oh wow..its amazing..I have searched for and now found this recipe and will definately be making it tomorrow!!!


I love the concept of having narrowed it down to only fifteen favourite fooods in Naples!
I have one I picked up yesteray in Mergellina yesterday. We'll cut into it tomorrow. Unlike the Pastiera and other amazing Neapolitan desserts, you can keep it for a few days before eating it, and you have to avoid storing it in the fridge.Love it

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