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October 20, 2010


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It seems like every dish/meal that became famous in Italy or France comes from Austria!!!

See: Cappuccino, Cotoletta milanese, croissant, etc.


I can think of nothing better than being in Paris and tasting any of the pastries warm from the oven.


Reading this post at breakfast time. I may have just moved Paris to the top of my list of places to go next!


I think I've died and gone to heaven. That pain au pistache has stolen my heart!


A pain au chocolat fresh from the bakery with coffee is my perfect Paris breakfast. It’s funny how, like Josef mentioned in his comment, so much good stuff has come from Austria. Even the concept of the café is Austrian, n’est-ce pas?

Food Lover Kathy

Thank you everyone for the comments!

Yes, Via, as you say Josef has a point. Many great foods/drinks originated in Austria. It reminds me of a trip I made through Europe and during the walking tour in EVERY city the Habsburgs were mentioned. (It became a game for us to see whether/when they'd be mentioned during the course of the tour.) Their influence seems to have extended past political and papal and to more important matters, like cuisine! ;-)

Tanya - Yes! the pain au pistache was really good. Boulanger de Monge is one of those places I found based on the line of people waiting to get their morning bread/pastry.


Actually, I think there are only a few basic "dishes" in the world, which different cultures adapted. E.g., every culture has some sort of stuffed pasta ... think ravioli, pot stickers, pierogi, ... I think of various versions of bread in a similar way. But it's all so wonderful.

Stephanie (Food Freeway)

One of my favourite things to do in France is to go out first thing in the morning and have a chocolate croissant and an espresso for breakfast... As I am not in France, I might have to whip up some chocolate croissants for myself!

Tuula M

I think you just described my perfect Paris morning as well....really, can anything beat a warm pastry fresh from the oven? Unless it's two warm pastries, which I started out having every morning when I first arrived (had to cut that out, lol!) - ahh, so wonderful!
Thanks also for the boulangerie recommendations, I've only been to a handful in the city, so very helpful for our next trip (in November, yay!).

wandering educators

oh. oh! i LOVE these, and you made me homesick to go back to paris. what interesting history - the french always find a way to twist something and make it their own, to our delicious delight. great photos!


Paris is the place to have a great breakfast of a croissant (or two) and a cup of strong coffee.They must have the best pastries in the world. I just wish that I could have brought some home with me.

Corinne @ Gourmantic

I'd love to try Pain au Pistache but I could also easily take up residence at rue du croissant! :D


Ou la la! Wish I'd seen this post when we were in Paris (flew back yesterday), but thanks for the memories! We didn't devote an inordinate amount of time to patisserie, but did sample a bit. Rue Cler in the 7eme has some nice patissiers, and Poilane in the 15eme (even though they are better known for their breads) does a damn fine pain au chocolat. Off topic: one of the better dinners we had (and definitely the most fun) was at Christian Constant's "Les Cocottes" in the 7eme. Check it out!


Corrine - I could easily take up residence on rue du pain aux chocolat, but I couldn't find that rue!

Fitzhugh - You didn't devote an inordinate amount of time to pastries??!! You must go back :-D. Yes, I've been to Les Cocottes and liked it very much.

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