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November 16, 2010


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This is so wonderfully comprehensive! I'm saving it to my travel folder for future use (I won't be making it to Italy THIS Christmas, but someday I will ...!) With this, I already have part of the itinerary planned: First, must catch the Polenta Fest - since there doesn't appear to be a Gnocchi Fest ;-). Then, will be in Milan at Castello Sforzesco. And I'll have to stay till Dec. 13th for Fiera di Santa Lucia, since that's my birthday. Thanks for planning my trip for me!

Tuula M

Fabulous list Kathy! I think this would make an amazing "bucket list" trip. I've only made it to the Christmas market in Piazza Navona, quite a lively place, but my dream is also to get down to Naples to get a peek at their famous presepe..Well, heading to the north wouldn't be half bad either! Ahh, so much to do ..thanks for helping us dream of Italy :)


Nice blog about Christmas in Italy. Lucky are those who will be traveling to that beautiful country during that time.

Fern Driscoll

Great to have all this info in one place - what a lot of research you've done! We have always thought in terms of Germany and Austria for Christmas markets - no more!


Thanks everyone! As Fern said, it did take a bit of research and a lot of translating Italian (oh, THAT hurt my head :-). Fern, or anyone else in Italy or who has been, if you know of another great Christmas market or event that I missed, it would be great if you add it in the comments! Thanks again.

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