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November 24, 2010


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Your pasta looks so tasty. I love mushrooms but it does bother me to spend so much money for them. Sometimes though, a little treat like this is so wonderful. I enjoyed reading about your Roman memories.

Corinne @ Gourmantic

You've now made me yearn for my time in Italy last year, especially the time we spent in the Veneto. Funghi and porcini everywhere... Your dish looks so inviting!


Corinne - Yet another reason I want to live in Italy - Porcini mushrooms everywhere! I'm sure they have a version of the dish in each region. I know Tuscany it's Boscaiola - Mushrooms and Tomato sauce & a little cream. In the Trentino/Alto-Adige they make a "sauce" of Speck and Porcini. For me, Porcini will always remind me of Rome.

Susan - Thank you for the comments. I took the price of "wild" mushrooms into consideration when creating the recipe. The dish can still be very tasty with 1/2, or even 3/4 of the total mushrooms being Crimini (AKA Baby Bellas), and adding your favorite "wild" type for a little more flavor. You can definitely substitute dried Porcini in the dish, I splurged just a little this time.

I absolutely agree with you about the price, and this post almost became a rant about how here in the U.S.the words, "seasonal", "local", "organic" are used to jack up the prices instead of being a simple way of shopping and eating like they are in Italy (and France, too). I looked back at some photos, and even at the most expensive market in Rome, the Porcini were 18 euros a Kilo (that's for 2.2 pounds). That rant will definitely have to be another post.

In any case, something I should have said in this post is that with the exception of the little splurge for that one Porcini, the other mushrooms cost around $10 in total, and that made 4-5 servings.


That looks delicious. We have a great variety of mushrooms here in Korea (believe it or not). I'll have to give this a try.



What a gorgeous dish! I don't even like mushrooms, but I think they look so beautifully rustic. :-)


Beautiful food, beautiful city. Rome was a place I never thought I would connect with- just too big for the personal relationship- but I surprised myself by falling in love with the city. Thanks for transporting me with you.

Jen Laceda

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Kathy!

$40 for a pound of mushrooms!?! That's in-sane!! Anyway, your food looks soooo good!

Liana @ femme fraiche

ahhh your photos are breathtaking and instantly transporting me back to Rome myself. My next plan was to take an Italian vacation in Fall and you have sealed my decision. Love love love your recipe as well


Krista - You made me LOL with your comment. I think I added an abundance of mushrooms to the dish for the photo, too. You're only the second person I know that doesn't love the Fungus :-)

Janice - I agree about the food and the city. Here's to being transported to Rome! Thank you.

Jen - Thank you! I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving as well. It is indeed in-sane!

Liana - Thank you for the sweet comments. I'm planning to make a longer Fall trip to Italy in 2011, also.


I am so lucky to have Kathy make this delicious dish for me and my sister. I love mushrooms and I have never tasted a meal such as this before. She served a large bowl of it, and I ate every morsel. Well, I did give some to my one neice who wanted a "taste." She loved them too.

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