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November 11, 2010


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Chateau Margaux looks like a nice place to visit and enjoy. Interesting bit about what a menu means in the U.S. and in France.

Cristina - TeenieCakes

I do adore apple pie, but would gladly trade it for this flaky apple tart. The contrast in the flakiness and the apple texture that you describe is so appealing to my taste buds. Lovely photos from your trip.

Saved this to recipe file. I do need to try it! :)


Oh lovely photos! It really looks like a fairytale, have yet to get to that region of France but really dying to go...
I'm decidedly a chocolate person until it comes to apple tarts; add a warm scoop of vanilla ice cream and not much better in the world :) (ooh la lahhh) Enjoy your weekend!


This apple tart is as delicious as it looks. I should know, I savored every bite of it. Next time, I will have it with vanilla ice cream.

Myriam @ Detours

Gorgeous post and pictures!! Although my husband is from the South-West of France, funny enough the Bordeaux area is one of only wine regions we haven't really visited in France... Will have to plan a trip there next time we're back in France ;-)

Susan Lester

Absolutely stunning! The apple tart looks amazing, too!


Tuula, Myriam and Susan - Thank you for the comments on Bordeaux (and the tart). As I was looking through my photos (from this summer) I kept immagining what the vines and the ivy-covered chateaux look like now, in their fall colors. I've been there in the early summer and early spring, but I'm thinking my next trip will be in Oct or Nov. Any of you want to join me? :-)

Jozee -Thanks for the "plug" about tasting the tart; I guess I'll keep you around as one of the taste testers.

Corinne @ Gourmantic

The tart looks amazing. The addition of Armagnac would make it even better for me!

I too sneaked a photo of Chateau Margaux through the entrance. Lovely photos as always :)


hello, this looks sooo amazing I really want to try and make it for Thanksgiving. I am not familiar with ring molds as much as I cook and bake! Can you tell me what they look like? DO they have a bottom or are they open? Keep up the great work, love reading your blog and have never been to France, but ONE day I will!


Corrine - I used Cognac and had a few left over apple slices that I ate up. Then I realized that the alcohol hadn't cooked out of them yet...oops. Nothing like a little cognac in the morning.

Holly - Here is a picture of a ring mold:

You could also use individual tart molds because you just want something to hold everything together as it bakes. If you use the tart molds with the removable bottoms, it will also be much easier to lift the cooked tart up and out. Here's an example of the tart mold:


Cheryl S.

Just discovered your terrific site.
Thanks for this particular post. I am planning a trip to France and will incorporate some of these great places into my itinerary.
The apple tart is on my immediate "to do" list. I'm certain it tastes as divine as it looks!

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