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November 28, 2010


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1. The biscotti look JUST like the ones my noni used to make ... where'd you find them?
2. What the he** is that stuff next to the prosciuto?
3. My parents loved sfingi - who would've guessed they'd have a festa for them?
4. I now have to add Cioccolosita to my itinerary.


Paula, my very loyal reader, I MADE those biscotti. Click on the picture, and it will take you to the post with the recipe. These are the cantucci of Tuscany, my favorite type - very crunchy with an almond flavor. I did a lot of taste testing to get the taste and crunch, right.

2) The "stuff" next to the prosciutto is lardo (yes, pure cured pig's fat), and it was good, too...a little slimy though.

3) My nonna made sfingi, too. As she's from Montelepre, I'm guessing they're the same....I think in Sicilian dialect/accent the c comes out sounding like g....as in "gistu cha," which my mom always said - Once I started taking "proper" lessons, I realized it was "questo che." And, the way my aunt says cannoli, it sounds a little like gannoli.


Thank you Kathy for mentioning us recipe of Limoncello! Your list and suggestions will be very useful for Christmas and New Year celebrations I guess :)

Laura from Ciao Amalfi

Ciao Kathy! Thank you so much for sharing the article on Limoncello on Charming Italy. It's one of my favorite treats in Campania! What a wonderful list of articles. Perfect for this rainy day on the Amalfi Coast. Grazie mille!!


My dinner just looks pathetic now! Really craving the chocolate roulade...

Tuula M

Ciao bella! Well I tried to leave a comment while I was in Rome, but guess it didn't make it (still not up to speed with Mac computers!)..
Just wanted to say that I'm really thankful (along with a lot of other folks I'm sure) for your weekly Italian round-up & your posts always put a smile on my face...and cravings in my stomach!
We had a piece of tiramis├╣ in your honor :) & thanks for the lovely mention!


Ciao Kathy! Thank you so much for the Tagliolini mention and for your exquisite weekly round-up.
I am honored to be in such worthy company!
Your generosity and scope of links and information provided are simply wonderful.



You're so amazing, Kathy! These meals look delightful! I'd better tell my wife about these dishes! She loves cooking. She'll definitely try this one.

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