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November 06, 2010


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Tuula M

I know what you mean about the heat in July! It's difficult to want to eat more than a big scoop of gelato - or a 100 in this case :) But what a wonderful sacrifice to have to make!
Just love (love!) the flavors you described - exactly my favorite tastes from the region: dark chocolate, hazelnut, & pistachio. Once I tasted that fresh hazelnut gelato from GROM, think nothing can compare, so delicious!


Tuula - Yes, I guess when you compare tolerating a little heat, and even the humidity, to be able to eat a whole lot of gelato, I shouldn't complain at all. All of these gelaterie were divine. GROM's pistachio made me a believer, and their quality has been just as high at every location I've eaten. When I saw on GROM's website that they are coming to Malibu (only a 5-hour drive for me in No. Cal ;-), I was very excited.

Corinne @ Gourmantic

Gianduja, pistachio e viola per favore! I usually can't resist fruity and citrus flavours, but in Italy, best not to pass up Gianduja!

Lifesavers indeed!


Groan -- I believe that I can have gelato for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is that good.

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