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November 18, 2010


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Must eat gelato in Venice. Must have cannoli in Sicily (haven't been there, yet). Must have trifle and go to the Lake country in England. These, of course, are just a few of my musts.


Oh my! I am determined to make Parisian Macarons for Christmas - do you have a favorite recipe? Merci!


wow love the combo with ice cream adore Paris
Umm when I do go back to the UK have to have tea and cake in a traditional tearoom - Rebecca

Corinne @ Gourmantic

Well done on getting a couple of photos! :) I even got done for taking photos outside the shop - got a nasty glare from an employee. I don't get it. Not as if we're stealing secret recipes!

I must say that St Honore looks very classy and decadent!

Liana @ femme fraiche

I gaped at the decor of La Duree when I first visited there. However, my foodie obsession was not yet quite extended to that of French patisserie and unfortunately, I did not dabble in the world of macarons:( What a shame!! These look INCREDIBLE and after some time in Sicily this summer, you could understand my love for pistachio!


Paula - Yes, absolutely agree with you on the cannoli in Sicily, and actually, only in Sicily

Susan - I basically use the recipe from MOF Stephen Glacier's "Macaron" book. I bought it in France and don't think you can get it here. (I'll email you the recipe.) Now, I have macaron recipes from that book, Pierre Herme and LaDuree's (just got the LaDuree book in French)....so I'm thinking about doing a recipe smackdown. What do you think?


Corrine - Thank you. The St. Honore was very very good. I've heard they don't allow window photos either, but no one's ever said anything to me. I've taken window photos at all three Paris locations. Guess I've been lucky. I don't understand the anti-photo mentality at all; it should be looked at as a form of flattery.


Wow, your camera taks crisp, clean pictures. Were you lugging around a big one with a huge lens (I imagine you were using a P&S since you were able to sneak a picture inside the shop?)?? I love the ambiance in Laduree (have only been to the one @ Harrod's in London), but I can't eat the macaroons b/c I'm allergic to eggs, so I just hang out and have tea. My goal is to find an egg substitute that will whip up the way necessary to make a beautiful macaroon!! This might be my NY resolution =)

Tuula M

Amazing photos - just gorgeous! They look professionally done & great angles on all the shots, beautiful!
The Minis Macarons Glaces sounds to die for - just wish I could replicate it at home, lol :)


Kathy - what a great set of photographs! I completely understand the appeal of those little macarons and since I've been living in Paris, I've discovered Ladurée's 'religieuse à la rose'. Heaven on a plate!


I love macarons too and french patisserie, but I think that Laduree's are a little too sweet for me!! My favourite one is "cassis" (and maybe hazelnut, and chocolate), but I've never tasted ice cream filled macarons...they look delicious!
Sometime french people are orthodox on food like... sicilians! My husband chose a chocolate+lemon granita once in Catania and the waiter nagging told him that the two flavours really don't match together...!


The veggie - Actually, I have a pretty big camera and lens (Nikon D90), that I lug around with me in my travels. I call it "la bimba (the baby), because I give it extra special care like others do their baby. I had the camera out pretending to show my friend photos that I had already taken, and when the dish arrived....well, I took the picture.

Notjustanothermilla - I adore the look of the religeuse a la rose - it's like a little jewelry box, but I'm not a fan of the rose-petal syrup flavor, so I stick with a coffee or chocolate regligeuse.

Alelunetta - I understand what you're saying about the sweetness. I can only eat one or two macarons at a time, except when eating them with ice cream. For me, the fat of the ice cream cuts the sweetness of the meringue. Oh no, I might now be breaking an Italian rule because I'm doing a dinner this weekend where I'm serving lemon granita for the pre-dessert and then a torta setteveli!

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