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November 08, 2010


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Julie ~ jbulie's blog

Good luck! I like your picture because it makes me want to amble. :)



Damn - I MUST start a blog so I can have more contests to enter!!
btw - Natives of California can feel fall, even if strangers/immigrants can't.


Beautiful picture of Fall in California! It is one of my favorite seasons as well! And, growing up in San Francisco, I did not see much in the way of Fall colors but after moving to the South Bay, I see evidence of it everywhere and it is gorgeous!
BTW - how do you get your Meyer lemon tree to produce so much? I have one as well, but it's production is not very good, despite looking very healthy!!!
Happy Fall!


Barbara - Thanks for the comment and compliment. About the Meyer Lemon tree, I talked to my aunt as it's her tree and she tends to it. I just get to reap the benefits! :-) Here are the few important things that she does that helps it to bear much fruit:

It's in a southern facing spot, so it gets sun all day long.

She (and I) pick all the lemons when they are ready, even if they're too much to use all at once. We juice some and give some away. We do this to encourage more growth throughout the season, and possibly future seasons (not sure how scientific this is, though).

She doesn't prune the tree when it's dormant, and she fertilizes faithfully per the instructions on her fertilizer bag.

She gives it a lot of TLC, picking away dead and withered leaves, blossoms and branches almost daily.

I hope this helps you with your Meyer Lemon tree. Happy Fall to you, too!!


Growing up in New York and Michigan, I thought that the California change of seasons colors did not exist. Well, I am now going to eat my words. This gorgeous photo of the Napa Valley region has made me change my mind.

Mental Mosaic

I like all the sights and scents your post suggests - very autumnal. Lovely photo, too!

I found your blog via the She Who Blogs contest, which I also found through Bleeding Espresso!

Nice to meet you! :)

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Yay for down comforters, new wine, and lemons -- I love waiting on the mandarin oranges from our trees as well. Gorgeous photo too; best of luck!


Your photo reminds me of the entrance of Mills College, in Oakland. The leaves of those trees turning are a sign of fall for me. Another one is pumpkins. The third one is the first rain of the season.

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