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December 29, 2010


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My favorite chocolate memory of 2010 is easy: my birthday Torta Setteveli made by Chef Kathy herself! Challenge: outdo yourself in 2011 :-)


You've been to so many wonderful places and took gorgeous images of your travels. I am envious of your travel adventures. :) Nicely written post and how you've associated some of these delicious desserts with places and events that's a part of your life. I would like to sample the croustade aux pommes.

Happy New Year's to you!


Beautiful photos, beautiful food. What a year you have had. And there are still a few days to go.


Paula - Thank you :-)

Cristina - For me, food is always associated with a fond memory of a place or person - that might be what makes it extra special. The croustade aux pommes is very easy to make. I hope you try it. Happy New Year's also to you!

Janice - Thank you very much...yes still a few days to go.


Favorite pastry memory-I had loads of fun at my Opera making class at La Notre-but probably my frasier from Gerald Mulot-it was everything I expected light, flavorful and fresh. I should have had more than one.

Your next year sounds quite exciting-this was a wonderful post.

Happy New Year.

The Chocolate Priestess

It must be wonderful to be able to travel so much and sample such cuisine.

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