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December 16, 2010


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She's right. Everyone repeatedly commented on how wonderful the pork was. And I was a bit surprised because some of the people (i.e., my daughter) usually say they don't like pork!

In our Sicilian family, we used to make the individual rolls that Kathy described but we used beef - and always included the egg :-) ... but now I much prefer this version of the dish!


Thank you, Paula!


This dish looks perfect for a cold winter night.


Oh what a beautiful dish - and your photos are beautiful (as always)! I feel so inspired each time I visit your blog, & now I have a complete holiday meal to try out - grazie!
And love the language exchange between you & your mom - cracking up over the "lemuna" :)


Esme - Yes, it is a warm-you-from-the-insides kind of dish, and just as good the next day.

Tuula - Thank you very much. I have a few more Christmas treats in the works for next week like a "lemuna" yule log :-)

Joyce Daurizio

Hi Kathy, I didn't ever disagree with your Mom, who I loved dearly, but this time I will and agree with you. I don't ever use the eggs in my
bra-jhol (sorry Kath that's the way my Nonna said it too.) My grandchildren would not love this as their favorite if I did.I've always made it with beef but I am going to try your recipe next time. Thanks again Kathy. Love you, Joyce

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