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December 21, 2010


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Thanks so much for this post! I am always looking for books set in Italy as well!!! I have read several of the ones you posted, and look forward to reading the rest! One that comes to mind is The Ruby Ring. It is set in renaissance Italy and is the story of Rafael. Another one is I, Mona Lisa - about...Mona Lisa!!! I've also read The Venetian Affair, but I have to say that one kind of bored me. One I recently read that is set in present day Venice is A Stopver in Venice. I enjoyed that one. And lastly is The Botticelli Secret. I actually wrote a blogpost on it if you are interested:
Thanks, again!!!


Barbara - Thanks for your comments. I hadn't heard about "The Ruby Ring," so I will check it out. I picked up and put down "The Venetian Affair" so many times, that I finally gave up. "A Stopover in Venice" sounds like another for my 2011 list. I checked out your review on The Botticelli Secret and am undecided. I also peeked at your review of "Sacred Hearts." Oh no, I just started it.


I have enjoyed a number of the books in the above list, so thought you might like to try "History" by Elsa Morante. Set during the Second World War in Rome it tells of a mother's struggle to bring up her son who is fathered by an unknown German Soldier. I haven't read it for a few years but remember it as was a remarkable read and beautifully written.


Thanks for this list-I have read In the Company of the Courtesan-loved it-hated Angels and Demons-I am going to bookmark these.


I will eagerly follow this book challenge as I also read many books of Italy. One I especially enjoyed was "The War in Val D'Orcia" by Iris Origo. It is her memoir of the years 1943-1944 at her farm in Tuscany and the children they hid from the Germans during the war. Very moving and well written. Also books by Marlena DiBlasi and Donna Leon's Venetian mysteries! So many books...so little time!


Thanks so much for this Kathy! I always need good recommendations for Italian reads, and thankfully there are a lot of picks on this list I haven't read yet.

Can't wait to get started on them in 2011 :)

I finished the Birth of Venus a few months ago & loved it - was totally transported to that era & it was just a fun, fun read.

Hope you're having a great holiday season- a big bonjour from SoCal :) & joyeux noel!

Packabook - Books Set in Italy

Some others to try would be Marina Fiorato's 'The Glassblower of Murano' and Vivaldi's Virgins by Barbara Quick, both set in Venice. There are so many great books set in Italy, I don't think anyone should have any trouble finding one a month!

Suzi from Packabook

Corinne @ Gourmantic

I love that you have the book Culinaria Italy on your bookshelf. I have it too right beside Culinaria France - two of my all time faves!

Buon Natale from Sydney! xo

Liana @ femme fraiche

This page is exactly what I needed. I always want to read books set in Italy and googling it seems to be a futile battle. I just read "The Queen of the Big Time" by Adriana Trigiani and although it's not set in Italy, it is about a family who had recently immigrated from there to Philidelphia (area). Great read!


Thanks everyone for the comments and great suggestions. I now have so many books from which to choose, I'm thinking of trying 2 books a month (ya, right).

Celia - Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't heard of "History" before, so I'll check it out.

Patricia - Thanks for your suggestions. Agreed, so many books, so little time.

Tuula - Thank you! Yes, having a joyeux noel and hope you have a Happy New Year (forgot how to say that in French :-O)

Suzi - Thank you! "Glassblower of Murano" definitely sounds like something I would like. You're absolutely right about not having any trouble finding a book a month, especially with all these great suggestions.

Corinne - You know I usually have Culinaria France right next to my Italy one...moved it for the photo. They both are great reference books to the regional foods of each country.

Liana - Thank you very much. I will check out "The Queen of the Big Time."

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