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December 08, 2010


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It's "faithful reader" Paula, here, saying GRAZIE for the dinner and the mention in the blog. Both make me feel so honored.

Kathy is a wonderful person and a magnificent cook. All the guests at the dinner came prepared for a feast, but even so they were awestruck as Kathy brought forth each course. I was in heaven from beginning to end and that cake (which is a traditional Sicilian birthday treat) was truly a coup de grace.

This was the BEST gift I could have received for my birthday! Love you, cugina mia!


Thanks very much for sharing such a delicious recipe!. All the best. Luna


WOW.........what a delicious sounding meal. Thanks for including the recipes.


Fight the Fat Foodie

Looks fantastic!

Moya Stone

What a treat this was! Thank you, Kathy. I could have eaten the Meyer Lemon Granita all night. I had three helpings and had to force myself to stop. The distinct flavor of the meyer lemons really comes through. I bet it tastes even better on a hot summer day. The whole meal was fabulous. Thank you to Kathy and Paula.


Paula - You're welcome and thank you for the very sweet compliments. Tanti Auguri, which I should have said in the post, but I'm saying now.

Luna, Nancie and Fight the Fat Foodie - Thank you all for your very kind comments.

Moya - I'm glad you liked the meal and especially the Meyer Lemon Granita. I'm sure I'll be sending some lemons your way, so you can have more.

Liana @ femme fraiche

Omg amazing, once again. Yours is now officially my favourite blog on my reader!!


Liana - you have good taste (literally)!


Liana - Thank you very much. I'm flattered.

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