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December 02, 2010


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I hope to one day see a Carnevale in Venice. Fantastic images. Now about this Italian Hot Chocolate...it looks deliciously decadent and thick. Almost pudding like...a meal in itself! :)


That is one rich cup of hot chocolate. Could you have it any other way now? I am in love.

Daydreamer Desserts

You know when the ripples stay intact after pouring the hot chocolate in the cup you have one thick cup of hot chocolate, it looks sinfully delicious! :)


Cristina - Yes, In my humble opinion Carnevale at Venice is something someone should see at least once in a lifetime.....I'm hoping to be fortunate to go back a second time in 2011....we'll see.

Claudia - No, I can't have it any other way now. I made this hot chocolate for my aunts. When I told them I was going to make hot chocolate, one said, "Oh, I have some hot chocolate packets in the cupboard." I just laughed and told her once you've tried this you'll throw those packets away.

Daydreamer Desserts - I chose those pictures especially because the ripples would depict its thickness, but was wondering if anyone would notice. You're right thick AND sinful :-)


I am that Aunt who said, "Oh, I have some hot chocolate packets in the cupboard." Fool that I am. There is no comparison. I first tasted it without any liqueur and later on I added a drop or two of Baileys Irish Creme. Either way, it is a standout. You all should try Kathy's recipe. You will love, love, love it.


Really, Jozee - liqueur?? You wild thing!!! :-)

This is a perfect place to post a quote I recently saw on a card: "Whatever the question is, the answer is chocolate." Pour me some!!


I first tried this type of hot chocolate in Barcelona. I'd ordered it expecting a regular milky cocoa drink and when it arrived that hot chocolate made my day, became a highlight of my holiday. Thanks for the recipe, it'll be perfect to sip on while I'm stuck inside with this wintery weather!

Adora's Box

Fantastic! Beautiful photos, especially the chocolate one. Sinful. I love those Venetian masks.

The Chocolate Priestess

The two semesters I lived in Italy I didn't get a chance to go to Venice;my attention was turned southward toward more ancient ruins. Thank you for the photos of what I missed.

Tuula M

Ha ha..I love Paula's quote - the answer pretty much is always chocolate for me!

Well, your 1st photo is just stunning -really, that is a great shot, perfect lighting and color contrasts...

But back to the important stuff, like chocolate :)

The carnevale atmosphere sounds so festive - think it's really one of those must-do travel events. And I do imagine Venice is very, very cold during this period - I'd be dipping in for one of those hot chocolates myself. Looks divine!

I picked up some Baratti & Milano hot chocolate packets at Castroni in Rome, but don't think they'll be as good as the one you had in Venice. I'm going to try adding the heavy cream...and maybe just a touch of liqueur :) should do the trick! Merci for the great post..

Liana @ femme fraiche

This post was so beautifully written...I almost felt like I was in Venice with you!! And hot chocolate that you can eat with a spoon? That sounds magical:)

Corinne @ Gourmantic

This is guaranteed to satisfy any chocoholic! I must try your recipe when winter comes around. But I'll have to be content with looking at the mask collection I brought back from Venice and pretend I'm there...

Beautifully written, Kathy :) Brava!

Chuck Kerechanin

Ah yes. In 2005 when me an my wife went to venice for New Years, I remember that Cafe. Just as you said, everyday we stopped to savor the hot chocolate. Can't wait to try your recipe.


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