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December 27, 2010


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I really love these photos. :-) So clear and inviting and festive. :-) My brother's girlfriend is Italian and it's been such fun hearing about her traditions - so very different than our Danish ones. :-)

Elizabeth MInchilli

Thanks for including me!


Oh, this opening photo is gorgeous! Really, looks like it belongs in a magazine - what beauty in that presentation, wow!
I can't believe how many sagra (or is that sagre, lol) there are in Sicily- that has to be the next place we visit- heard the travel experience is one-of-a-kind!
Thanks for giving us another amazing post & hope you have a wonderful New Years!
ps. We're cooking a huge feast in France, it will be a first for me, really excited!


Another great post, Kathy.
Dio Mio, how I miss the old tradition of fish banquets on Christmas Eve before midnight mass.

Just a note about cooking calamari (Also works for abalone if you can get it!) My mom and I have the easiest, most foolproof approach: (1) clean out & "butterfly"(slit open/flatten) the body the squid. Cut off the tentacles but you can cook them, too, if you like them (we do). (2) Dip the pieces in egg wash then a mixture of breadcrumbs + parmesan cheese. (3) Roll the bodies loosely & put pieces onto a lightly greased cookie sheet. (4) Bake at about 350 degrees just enough to cook through (no more than about 10-15 minutes - check for doneness early). If you don't overcook, they will be super-tender. Enjoy.


OOOPS -- I just reread my last post and realized I mis-stated the most important part!!! NOT EGGWASH - DIP IN OLIVE OIL .... mi dispiaciono!!!!


Krista - Thank you so much. I take that as the highest compliment as your photos are so beautiful.

Elizabeth - You're very welcome.

Tuula - Whenever I'm bummed because one of the food photo websites had declined my photo submission, I look at your comments to cheer me up, too kind. I think most of the sagre are in Sicily in the winter because the weather is better. BUT, check back next Sunday for an update of festivals....there is a chocolate one in the North. I'm always excited to find a chocolate festival, but even moreso because I will be able to go to this one. Can't wait to hear about the New Year's Eve feast in France! I had one of those four-hour (or maybe 6-hour) affairs a few years' back.

Paula - Thanks for the calamari recipe. Great idea about baking them to save on a few calories! Now, YOU have me craving calamari.

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