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December 19, 2010


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Thanks so much for including me!


There's an old Italian tradition that I haven't heard much of lately and I really miss it. I always loved Spumoni ice cream, but I can't find it in local stores anywhere. American companies have gone to making all these trendy ice cream flavors like "eggnog," "gingerbread," "pumpkin pie," "candy cane" ... I even saw "hot chocolate" (which includes marshmallow, of course). But no spumoni. Do they even make it in Italy any more??


All of these look so good-thankfully I am finished with my holiday baking-I am visitng my parents and there is a great Italian store in their city that I will visit to see what Christmas treats are there. I love anything with figs. I made a Christmas cake with pine nuts, dried figs and other dried fruit.


Elizabeth - You're very welcome. I loved the explanation of Guanciale. La Gricia is one of my favorite pasta dishes, right after L'amatriciana

Paula - I'm going to have to double check. I wasn't too into spumoni, and would pick out the candied fruits whenever I ate it, thus never searched it out in Italy.

Esme - Good to hear you have all your Christmas baking done. Your Christmas cake sounds delicious.

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