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December 05, 2010


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Oh my! Such deliciousness! :-) Love the snowy looking cookies. Mmm, how scrumptious they'd be with my morning coffee. :-)


What a great blog! How did I only just now discover it? Brava!


I have to remember to eat lunch before I read these posts - so delicious! I love the adopt an olive oil tree - definitely tops the list of what to get a foodie who has everything :)
As always, so much good stuff on this list...but I'd just really love one of those snowball cookies, imagine they taste divine!
Really looking forward to hearing more about your Christmas cooking adventures as well.
My best friend is Italian-American & her mom does a big Italian spread for Xmas so I'll get a little home-cooking in CA too :) a bientot!


Krista - They are pretty scrumptious. Most of my family eats them with coffee, morning or evening. I like them as a sweet treat after lunch or dinner.

Elizabeth - Thank you! I'm glad you found me...always better late than never, right?

Tuula - LOL! Yes, sometimes, if I haven't eaten when I'm putting this together, I get extra hungry. Snowball cookie recipe is on this site, if you don't already have one :-) A few Italian-inspired Christmas posts are up, and I hope we get to see one (or two) from your CA adventures, too.

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