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December 10, 2010


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What a gorgeous cake! One can feast just by looking at the photos.

The Chocolate Priestess

*cries* another great cake we can have in my house because of the tree nuts.


OMG! You had me at chocolate & hazelnut...those were some very lucky eaters at your dinner, this looks divine! Had never heard of this cake before (never been so far south either) but for sure this goes straight to the top of my "to-try" baking list :)




Simona - Thank you!

The Chocolate Priestess - Glad to be of help. Let me know how you like it.

Tuula - Thank you. You can find it in Prato (Tuscany) at Luca Mannori and possibly in the Dolomites at Christian Beduschi. It took several trips to Sicily & Palermo before I had heard of it. You should definitely make a trip to Sicily and feast. the sea is awesome also.

Corinne @ Gourmantic

I would rename this as 'Sinful temptation'. Because that's how it made me feel this morning!


Corinne - Here's to cake for breakfast! I don't see anything sinful in that :-) It's quite possible that this cake would have been even more effective than Salome's dance, si?

Jennie @ Oh, Sweet Day!

WOW...7 layers of heaven....incredible cake!!!


This cake is divine!

Liana @ femme fraiche

I tried settevelli gelato for the first time this summer and I fell in love. I had no idea it was named after a cake! I love the history lessons you give in your posts they're so interesting to read. This might be my Christmas experiment this year...it looks absolutely incredible

Tiffany @ Conor & Bella

That looks wonderful! Beautiful cake.


I would have had cake for breakfast ... IF there had been any LEFT!! :-)


your cake looks amazing!

Account Deleted

Wow!! that's mouthwatering. I would love to try you recipe. Thanks.

The Bird Cage

I'm just finishing this cake... wow! It came out so gorgeous and, even though I haven't cut into it yet, every velo is absolutely delicious! I'm making it for Pasqua tomorrow. It shall be the centre of the attention, I'm sure! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful recipe!


The Bird Cage - I'm thrilled to hear that you made this cake and that it's gorgeous and delicious. Thank you so much for coming back and commenting!

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