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January 07, 2011


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Liana @ femme fraiche

Your blog never fails to a) take me right back to Italy with your lovely words b)make my heart actually feel sad that I can't be there right now...what a beautiful memory...


And the Sita bus drivers are so friendly too. They let me on even if I have to stand against the windscreen due to the crowds, will chat endlessly once they know I'm Italian and are able to cross themselves while turning a hairpin bend. And what patience they have- love them.

I hope the Sorrento bus to Amalfi took the Nastro Verde route, it's even more spectacular!


First, thanks very much for your comment on my piece about Beirut. Second, i'm thrilled to have found you. I'm going to the carnival in Venice at the end of February and then plan to travel all over Italy. End of winter seems to be good time.


Must-see/do: visit Kilauea volcano in Hawai'i; get to the top of the Andes somehow; swim in the waters of the Caribbean Sea; any real rainforest (there aren't many left); bask in the sun in any Italian piazza

Wish I hadn't bothered: took bus trip from central D.C. to the National Cathedral(zzz); Butchart Gardens in British Columbia are pretty but way too expensive and too far out of the way to be worth the price; the Vatican museums.

Cristina, from Buenos Aires to Paris

Really one of the most beautiful places I have EVER been to !!! Thanks for the memories !! sniff sniff!!

Corinne @ Degustinations

Stunning photos! We keep talking about spending some time in the area (not just a passing visit) but it hasn't happened yet :(


Liana - I do try to take everyone to Italy with each post about it, but I also understand the heartache you feel. I too feel it whenever I'm not in Italy.

Rosa - I so agree with you about the bus drivers (see my post on the people of Napoli). I don't think that the first ride was the Nastro Verde route, but it was such a long time ago, I'm not sure. I do agree that it is even more special!

Inka - Wow! I'm going to be in Venice for Carnevale, too. We should meet up for a spritz!


Paula - Thanks for all the input! I do have one question. You really wish you hadn't bothered with the Vatican Museums??

Corinne - Thanks! I can understand why you spend only a passing visit, as you seem to have a beach right outside your door there in Australia :-) but the food is also worth delving into!


Lemon groves and bouganvilla and secluded beaches and those windy cliff clinging roads sell me! My son just peeked over my shoulder and said "That would be a nice place to live". I'd even be content with a visit. :)

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